Rayglass 2800

Daytripper meets overighter

If you like to keep things simple out there on the briny, this spritely fisherman’s friend has just made your choice an easy one.



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Design features

If you want to get somewhere fast, the Rayglass 2800 will give you the run around you’re looking for. Sleek hardtop protection, the latest electronics and ‘go wide’ agility are just some of her more obvious charms. Want to play ‘go fish’ at the Barrier and back before the other half knows you’re gone? This is your ticket. Overnight easily, or spend the weekend in 2-berth comfort – with a two-burner stove in the galley, 12-volt fridge/freezer, hot shower and room to BBQ. When seas get rough, this one gets tough. The advanced, ‘run on the smell of an oily rag’ VW diesel engine (approx 1L/nm at cruising speed) is a superstar. For an encore, it even attracts game fish with the irresistible siren song of its diesel harmonics.

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BOAT TYPERayglass 2800
ENGINEDiesel VW 260hp inboard
EQUIPMENTElectric anchor winch, toilet, fridge, hot/cold pressure water, Ray Marine touch chart plotter / fishfinder, stereo, live bait tank, full back drop for overnighting.


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