“I highly recommend this method of boat ownership”

Ownaship is a fantastic way to go boating. I get loads of access to the boat and lots of technical and friendly advice from Simon. I highly recommend this method of Boat ownership. Simon runs a truly professional business and he is always keen to help.

Gary Smith

Maritimo M51 (previously Rayglass 3500)

“Will never go back to solo ownership”

I’ve been in a smaller Ownaship Rayglass 2500 for 3yrs & it works – crunch the numbers & the ease. Will never go back to solo ownership. 

Mark Te Rito

Rayglass 2500

“an amazing experience that we have loved sharing with our friends and family”

My wife and I have had the pleasure of being owners with Ownership for a few years now. We started in the Rayglass 2500, then progressed to the Rayglass 4000. A couple of years later the Rayglass 3500 was introduced and we upgraded to a 1/6th share in that boat. After a year Simon told us he was going to arrange delivery of a Maritimo M51 so we quickly jumped at the chance to be involved.


Wayne Foster

Maritimo M51 (previously Rayglass 3500 and Rayglass 4000)

“we marvelled at how everything had been so well organised…everything worked beautifully”

Dear Simon, as you know, Lee and I have just had a week out on the boat. They were our first overnights on Manaia, and we had the most glorious week. Yes, the weather was magnificent, but we both felt that an email was warranted, to thank you and all your support team for a wonderful week. We have not done boating for 20 years, and never as a shared boat. We marvelled at how everything had been so well organised, everything was there that we needed, and so much thought had gone into all the items that needed replenishing while away for a week.



Ruth & Lee

Rayglass 3500

We struggled with the cat concept but we’re now smitten after a summer on the Lucia 40 and I don’t think we’ll return to a monohull”

We struggled with the cat concept but we’re now smitten after a summer on the Lucia 40 and I don’t think we’ll return to a monohull. The volume and space is incomparable – with adult children and partners it’s all very civilized; they can have a hull and you hear nothing in the other hull.




Lucia 40

“Simon and his team do a fantastic job.”

Simon and his team do a fantastic job. Nothing is a problem. The syndicate arrangement works really well for us. Love it. 


Rayglass 4000

“Best thing we ever did”

Best thing we ever did was sell our boat and move to owning a share of a fully managed, walk on walk off boat with Simon and the team at Ownaship. For the last 4 years, all we have had to do is have a blast exploring the Hauraki and fuel the boat, no more servicing, cleaning, towing – just pure enjoyment. Thank you ownaship.

Aaron Muir

Rayglass 3500

“I cannot recommend them highly enough”

The team at ownership are excellent…..the whole idea of walking on and off a well maintained, well cleaned and well serviced boat with 24 hour back up while you are on the water has been taken to another level by Simon and his team. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Bryce Caldwell

Rayglass 2800

“…the best boating experience possible. you will not be disappointed”.

I first meet Simon Barker and the Ownaship concept at the boat show where they were showcasing their new Mustang. I had been day dreaming about owning a large boat for some time. There are a few “shared” boat operations out there, but the fundamental and unique appeal of Ownaship to us was that you have an actual equity position in the boat, without the concerns and direct costs associated maintenance, insurance, berthage, etc. It is truly walk on and walk off.


Grant Sewell


“…The most convenient and hassle free way to enjoy your boating activities.”

I have been involved in the Ownaship scheme for a couple of years now and based upon my experiences during that time, I would have no hesitation in recommending this scheme to anyone as the most convenient and hassle free way to enjoy your boating activities. Joining the scheme with a share in Ten Percent (Rayglass 2500) back in early 2008, myself, friends and family have enjoyed many days and the occasional overnight adventure on this fantastic boat in and around the Hauraki Gulf.


Wayne Guiney

Rayglass 4000

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