May 23, 2020

The Maritimo X50 Syndicate — a New Zealand First

A brand new release
Maritimo X50 is set to join our syndication fleet later this year. It’s an exciting addition to our growing fleet, with this to be the first X50 in NZ as well as the first to be syndicated worldwide. 

This is a syndicate that’s been in the pipeline for a while, and we’re very excited to see it come together. Like Ownaship’s other syndicates this new Maritimo X50 will be split into six shares, which seems to work perfectly for boats of this size. 

Shares in the X50 have already proven extremely popular, with huge interest generated at the 2019 Auckland on Water Boat Show, where the X50 premiered. 

And it’s no wonder; the X50 is a unique and stylish boat, with its intelligent engineering redefining what’s possible in a boat of its size. In fact, many reviewers predict that the X50 will be even more successful than it’s larger X60 sibling.

A particular standout on the Maritimo X50 is the spacious aft cabin, which comes in the form of a beach club and ensuite that doubles as an additional stateroom with hideaway bed. The shareholders already committed to the syndicate agree that the beach club is a big drawcard. Other major selling points include the openness provided by the wraparound sliding vista windows and concertina doors, the full-beam walk-around master bed, full-sized galley, and the luxury and ease of a sedan.

The walk on / walk off service that all Ownaship shareholders enjoy is another major drawcard for our soon to be X50 shareholders, some of whom already own a share in a different Ownaship syndicate and are now looking to upgrade. 

We still have a few shares available in this X50 syndicate, as well as our Maritimo M51 syndicate, which also arrives later in the year. 

Find out more about the Maritimo X50 and the Maritimo M51 syndicates via these links. And to find out more about what it means to be an Ownaship shareholder, visit our customer testimonials. 

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